Wings to Fly with Gordon Fearn

Wings to Fly with Gordon Fearn

Gordon Fearn is multi-qualified in a dozen sports. Fortunately it is Table Tennis that Gordon has truly excelled. From the streets of Clifton in Nottingham he became the youngest England TT Coach at 18 . That was the start of a glittering and ongoing coaching career where he has become the East Midland TT Coach of the Year.

He became Children’s Coach of the Year and twice Nottinghamshire Coach of the year which includes all sport. Fearn is a specialised 1-2-1 Coach where he has guided many players to full potential. Notably England players Emma Vickers, Georgina Walker, John Holland and Wheelchair Gold Medalist, James Lawson. His coaching videos are quite superb and that’s what we will be discussing.

We’re delighted to have Gordon join Dave and Mark for a chat on Monday evening. Tune in from 7pm


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