Planning for a National Camp and a tale of 2 Champs

Planning for a National Camp and a tale of 2 Champs

On the night of Colin Dalgleish historic National Men’s Title he was planning his next training session 2 days later with a player of a much lower ranking.

I wonder how he became National Champion? 

When we offered our players an extra two training sessions at Largs the first to respond was newly crowned Cadet Champion Shannon Brown.

I wonder how she became National Champion?

Stephen Gertsen, will lead on the practicalities of the weekend and works with a great team of coaches and sparrers throughout the camp. An Extensive amount of planning and preparation goes in these weekends, on a voluntary basis, with coaches liaising through emails, phone calls and face to face.

This below is from the Gertsen diary a good month before the next camp. Take a look at the work that goes in behind the scenes!

I wonder how he has held top coaching positions in all three home countries?


Gertsen Planning Diary…

I’m just starting to think about the next National Camp in March and wanted to give you a heads up in terms of planning and your roles.

The camp has had a good response, 25 players I believe and great to have 3 Bishop Auckland players along with Matt Porter in attendance. I will be there from 10.30am Sat through to 3.30pm on Sun.

Session times: Sat- 11-1, 2.30-5.307.30-9
Sun 10-12.30 and 2-3.30.

Dave/Gordon are trying to organise for Fri evening and extra session on Sat morning also, I will leave them to lead on theses sessions, sounds like a great opportunity for extra practice!

I will plan the majority of the sessions around these set themes, this may vary:

  • Stroke selection
  • Tactical awareness
  • Footwork specific exercises
  • Sports psychology
  • Physical conditioning
  • 3rd and 5th ball attacks
  • How to construct rallies/points
  • Indivualised training
  • Interval training/power play
  • Service and receive specific

Dylan – would you mind leading on a girls specific section again, same as previous two camps, 2.30-5.30 with a 15 min break half way through. Other roles will include sparring and Mulitball over the weekend.

Matt – would you mind leading the boys section at the same time please, timings as above. Other roles will include sparring and Mulitball over the weekend.

A dedicated sports psychology workshop will take place during the afternoon session.

I will work with selected boys and girls on Mulitball during the Saturday afternoon sections.

Lisa – some individual work with younger players throughout weekend, in charge of off table standards and logistics plus health and safety factors to take into consideration.

Gordon – lead on physical elements, warm up and cool downs, plus 30mins on Sunday morning for physical development work. On table sparring and Mulitball also throughout weekend

Iona – sparring all weekend with boys and girls

Ross – sparring on Saturday with boys and girls 

Dave – free role


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