ETTU Coaching Conference by Callum Riddoch

This years annual ETTU coaching conference was held in London’s Greenhouse Sports Centre from 30th October to 1st November. The event was attended by at least one representative from each ETTU country. The main speakers were Richard Prause (Germany’s Head Coach) and Benjamin Schmitz (Germany’s Head of Fitness) who were joined by several Table Tennis England representatives, including Alan Cooke. There were a variety of interesting sessions on offer covering tactics and technique with the new plastic ball, modern serve and receive, and speed in high performance table tennis amongst others. The conference consisted of a mixture of lectures and practical sessions, including plenty of opportunities to talk with world class coaches and ask lots of questions. It was a fantastic opportunity to update our knowledge on the game and network with other coaches. Overall, it was a very useful and enjoyable conference with a fun and friendly ethos.

I would like to thank TTS for selecting me to go to this conference.



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