Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,

You will be aware the First Minister has been updating the nation this week on Covid 19 and in particular the increased challenge being posed by the Omicron variant.

The key points from the First Minister statements are:

  • Prioritisation of support for the Vaccine and Booster Programme
  • Business mitigation measures: Legislation will require businesses and service providers to take reasonable and practical measures to minimise the risk of transmission. Scottish Government have issued updated Guidance for safer businesses and workplaces.
  • Working from home: Staff who were working from home at the start of the pandemic must be enabled to do so again.
  • Face coverings: The importance of wearing face coverings properly will be reinforced.
  • Reducing social contact: The public are asked to reduce contact with other households. Those who do socialise are asked to limit groups to 3 households. This is advice, but will not be put into law.
  • Lateral flow testing: The public are advised to take a lateral flow test before mixing with other households. Those not working from home are asked to test regularly before work.
  • Household contacts self-isolation: All household contacts of positive COVID-19 cases must self-isolate for 10 days. (Exemptions are available for essential workers.)
  • Schools: Schools will stay open if at all possible. Further guidance will be provided by Scottish Government.
  • Organised sport and physical activity: Can still take place, however facility operators and activity providers will have to ensure they are following the updated Guidance  to take reasonable and practical measures to minimise the risk of transmission.

Following consultation with sportscotland we have been advised that as of today, there remains NO CHANGE to the Beyond Level 0 Guidance, published back in 9 August. Table Tennis Clubs are therefore free to continue current activity:

HOWEVER: We encourage all clubs, leagues and players who decide to continue playing to conduct Covid19 risk assessments and to maintain and adopt the following mitigations:

  • Face coverings: The current legal requirements to wear face coverings entering and leaving the playing area in some indoor settings and facilities will likely remain in place for some time to come.
  • Test & Protect: The Test and Protect system will remain in place to support contact tracing. All TTS clubs and Covid Officers therefore should continue to record/keep a register of every player in each session.
  • Hygiene: TTS recommends that all members continue to observe the good practice adopted during the past 18 months eg sanitisation of tables and ancillary equipment after each session. Where possible please provide the best possible ventilation and airflow by opening windows and doors to reduce the risk of transmission
  • get the vaccineor the vaccine booster
  • Even if you don’t have symptoms take regular lateral flow tests – especially before mixing with other people at the table tennis club/session – order LFD tests 

Table Tennis Scotland would like to express a sincere vote of thanks to all our members and in particular the Covid 19 Officers who have done such a great job in adhering to and implementing the TTS Covid 19 Guidance to date. Once again, in the face of the Omnicron challenge, Table Tennis Scotland requests that you all please continue to be careful, vigilant and sensitive to the vulnerability of others.

We will continue to monitor the situation and notify you of any changes in the guidance. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions and finally: Keep safe!

Richard Yule
Chief Operating Officer
07739 574 356 (M)


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April 10, 2024