We are approaching the period, under normal circumstances, within which our member Leagues and Clubs AGMs would be scheduled. In light of the developing situation around Covid-19 and after consultation with colleagues at sportscotland and lawyers Harper McLeod, TTS has concluded that it would be inappropriate for our members to be required to make preparations for League and Club AGMs given the concerted efforts that are being made to keep everyone safe at this time. Regarding our own TTS AGM scheduled to take place on Saturday 4 July, attendance in person cannot be contemplated, and we currently have no constitutional basis for conducting General Meetings via an alternative medium.

Our decision therefore, as a result of Covid 19 measures, is to postpone the AGM until further notice.

There are no provisions within our articles of association or constitution that make provision for the postponement of an annual general meeting, however, these are exceptional circumstances. Public health and safety will need to take precedence and members should be mindful of guidance coming from the Scottish and UK Governments regarding special measures.

TTS will issue a notice by email therefore to all members of this postponement with associated implications, such as that any officers due to step down or be re-elected will remain in office until the postponed meeting is convened. We will also recommend that a members’ resolution is proposed for the AGM when it is reconvened seeking retrospective approval of the decision to postpone the meeting. If there are any other particular decisions required in the interim period before a general meeting can be convened we will be in touch.

We are all adapting to the changes that are required to protect everyone within society, and we believe it is in our members’ best interests to delay until it becomes clear that we have reached a point where it is safe and practicable for this temporary suspension to be reviewed.

TTS fully recognises the dedication and commitment of the many volunteers who provide guidance and leadership to our members within League and Club committees. Your expertise will have immense significance for our sport as we begin to emerge from the current restrictions. It is with hope rather than expectation that we ask for your ongoing support to see us to that point, and with immense gratitude that we acknowledge all that you have contributed to date .

We offer our very best wishes to all for continued good health over the coming weeks, and look forward to seeing everyone in person again once this becomes possible.

Stewart McGowan
Table Tennis Scotland President


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