Ping Pong / Sandpaper event 2019

“This year’s Ping Pong / Sandpaper event – competing for the Ronnie Turnbull Quaich and a place at the World Championships of Ping Pong 2020 in London – will be held at Ward Road Gym, Dundee on Saturday 21st December 2019.


“Ping Pong”, also known as “sandpaper table tennis” returns to old fashioned equipment, using sandpaper instead of a soft, flexible, grippy rubber on bats.  The scoring system can also be slightly different – sets may be played to 15 points with a potential “sudden death” point at 14-all.  It’s also slightly slower than standard table tennis, and is a great spectator sport.  Ping Pong is great fun for all levels of player, including beginners.  Last year, almost 100 players all over Scotland took part in Sandpaper events and greatly enjoyed it.


A series of local events lead up to the Ronnie Turnbull Quaich, and we also accept direct entries.  For more information on events or Ping Pong in general, see our website.


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