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  • RT : Wow a day to tell the grandkids! I spoke for 1 hour with my childhood hero. True story. I was worried because they say never meet your heroes. But he was even more of a legend in real life. Micheal and Muhammad Ali I always wanted to be growing up ❤️
  • RT : The coach is the bow, the athlete the arrow. We give the athletes power and direction and then must let them go. It is in understanding when and how to let go that is the true test of our judgement.,
  • RT : Speed work today! Here’s some quick tips: It’s important to keep your bat high to be able to recover quickly and balance your body. Try to never just guess where the ball is going or you will get caught out. Make sure you are paying attention to your opponents bat 💪🏓
  • RT : Grant Award success! ,
  • RT : Well done all 🎾😄 ,
  • RT : A3. Increasing age and associated health issues can be a barrier to participation. Our friends are true leaders in breaking barriers in this area as they use funding from to provide dementia-friendly Community Table Tennis projects!🏓 ,
  • RT : Check out episode 6 now! ,
  • RT : Keep an eye out for further details... I can't wait to get back to National Squad weekends in Largs 💪 ,
  • We are in the planning stage of reorganising our National Squad weekends at for the 2021-22 season. We hope to have plans confirmed over the next month or so and we will be in touch with those selected
  • RT : Pushing myself to my absolute limits 🏓 Have a great weekend guys 💪
  • RT : 1. Keep winning & win well 2. Grow a thriving sporting system 3. Inspire positive change Read more about UK Sport's new mission to create the greatest decade of extraordinary sporting moments 💫,
  • RT : We are improving ways of working to move forward with the current climate. We have reduced the use of paper and are moving towards a digital workplace♻️ We have now introduced a card machine so that we can accept contactless payments.