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Yaser Dazzles in his Last Junior Nationals

Junior Boys

Chris Wheeler (Stirlingshire) was looking to be the first player to win the title 4 times in a row in the 68 years of the event. However, his hopes were dashed by Calum Morrison (Edinburgh) who beat Wheeler in 5 sets in the semi-final, building on his first win against him ever at the West Of Scotland Open. The match was a tight one, with serve and receive a significant factor. (9, -6, 9, -6, 7)

Yaser Razouk (Glasgow) was given a tough test by Dylan Curry (Aberdeen) in the other semi final, coming through in 5 sets.

In the final, it was clear that Yaser was in no mood for the game to go the same way as the recent Schools final against Calum (won by Calum 3-2), looking to attack with his forehand wherever possible. Calum appeared to be taking control in sets 2 and 3, however Yaser started to serve more aggressively reducing Calum’s options and won 3-2 (7, -6, -3, 5, 8). This was Yaser’s first national title in his final year as a junior player, in a similar vain to Colin Dalgleish in 2012.

Scottish-Nationals-Sun-21Junior Girls

The Junior Girls event was a tightly contested affair with both the semi finals and the final all going the distance. In the semis, Rebecca Plaistow (Ayrshire) beat Alisa Khalid (Glasgow) (-10, 11, 6, -10, 5) and Faye Leggett (Edinburgh) beat Tessa Yau (Aberdeen) (11, -4, -12, 8, 11).

The final was a tight match with Rebecca coming through in 5 sets against Faye (-10, 9, 8, -10, 9).


Cadet Boys

Dylan Curry (Aberdeen) was relatively untroubled in reclaiming his Cadet Boys title. His toughest test came from the up-and-coming Harvey McDonald (Ayrshire) in the semi final (7, 5, -7, 9), as he beat Danny Bajwa (Dumfries) with ease (7,7,6) in the final. One shock result came from another promising player Charlie Morton (Glasgow) defeating Martin Johnson (Ayrshire) in the quarter finals (-7, 6, 10, 10).


Cadet Girls

Number 1 and 2 seeds Tessa Yau and Faye Leggett had reasonably easy progress to the final of the Cadet Girls event winning their semi finals in straight sets. Faye was able to take control in the final and won 3-1 (7, 6, -6, 8).

With Faye still having a year left in the cadets, she will no doubt be looking to break the record and be the first girl to win 4 cadet titles in a row next year.


Minor Boys

The Minor Boys event saw 15 players from across Scotland competing, with the two standout players being Yifei Fang (Aberdeen) and Borui Chen (Aberdeen) coming through the knockout stages without dropping any sets. Young Borui had traveled from Saudi Arabia to participate in the event (and visit family!). Although Yifei is the more experienced player, he was made to work in the final by his younger counterpart (3,9,-8,3).


Minor Girls

In the Minor Girls, there were only two players: Willow Shek from Aberdeen beat Jessica Hogg from North Ayrshire 13,5,3 in the final.


Junior Boys Doubles

Junior Boys Doubles final was very close, with Yaser & Chris versus Calum & Keir in the final. In the deciding end, it seemed that Calum & Keir were out of the running at 0-4, but soon caught back up. At 10-8 down again it seemed as if it was all over, before winning the next 4 points and winning 12-10 to retain their Junior Boys Doubles crown.


Junior Girls Doubles

This was played in a group of 4, with Alisa Khalid & Rebecca Plaistow winning title with Jennie Yang & Hannah Robb runners up.


Report and Photos by Gordon Muir