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After another successful year for UKCC Level 1 coaching courses, Table Tennis Scotland is delighted to announce dates for the upcoming season. UKCC Level 1 Coaching Course qualifies candidates to deliver coaching activities, assisting other more qualified coaches and normally under direct supervision. For players with basic skills who are keen to coach beginners, this course is ideal. Please Note: Membership sidebar is currently unavailable. Please sign up by asking Ross for a registration form at:

University of Gloucestershire
January 14/15th 2017

I was kindly invited by Aled Howell (TTE) to observe the new level 3 course held at Gloucestershire University. This involved 13 candidates , who held UKCC LEVEL 2 awards and had submitted an application , outlining their role in table tennis coaching . There was a mix of nationalities, English,Ireland, Greece, Turkey and Tunisia. The course was aimed at producing a 9 month portfolio on developing their coaching philosophy with a group of players from their club. There were two strands – Performance and Development. So this meant , they didn’t have to be working with National squads but some coaches were.

The lecturers were relaxed and interesting and were focussed on concentrating on Inter and Intra- personal skills rather than professional knowledge. Soft skills rather than hard skills. Lecturers covered-Coach-athlete relationships/Emotional Intelligence/ Verbal-non verbal skills/Reflective practice. Scenarios of table tennis situations were discussed and solutions put forward. Discussion was constructive and different opinions were appreciated. The 4 main areas the candidates were to work on , were –Competence/Confidence/Character/Connection. Moodle was the tool , they were given access to to record – THEIR JOURNEY. For this a mentor ( UKCC LEVEL 4 COACH ) was allocated to each of them. They were to submit videos of their coaching at the start/ middle/ end of their 9 month journey.

There was a practical session on coaching a ball game to blind participants , this highlighted understanding emotional intelligence and non verbal communication. Online modules on sports related subjects will be put on Moodle for the coaches to expand their knowledge in the area they are keen on developing. There is a weekend at the end of March , which is based at Lilleshall National Centre and will be a table tennis practical delivered by TTE top coaches. The course has still to get UKCC VALIDATION and this hopefully will happen in June, as this will open the doors to Scottish coaches to access Sport Scotland funding. Overall this course looks like a really worthwhile path for coaches wanting to improve their skills to become Head Coaches. Applications will be open later this year, we will give details when this is announced.

Paul Rawlings-Jackson
Director of Coaching

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