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Excellent win for Gavin Rumgay at Croatian Open

Gavin Rumgay produced a commanding performance as he secured the top spot in his Men’s singles group at the Croatian Pro Tour.

Gavin was seeded 2nd in the group and overcame Islombek Sultonov 4-0 (Uzbekistan) and Sadi Ismailov 4-0 (Russian) who is #167 in the world Rankings and was an u21 finalist at the Slovenian Pro Tour only days before. After his match against Ismailov, Gavin stated, “I was really happy to match Ismailovs power in loop to loop exchanges. An area I have dramatically improved in my game.”

Gavin went on to lose to the highly rated Mattias Oversjo(Sweden) 4-1 in the preliminary rounds giving a valiant effort.

Gavin admitted that his main focus during the week leading up to Croatia was on his professional team in Switzerland as they now enter the semi final playoffs this weekend against former English international Andrew Rushton, Burgis and Moller.

Gavin will now focus on the World Singles Championships in Dusseldorf at the end of May where he will look to improve his world ranking as well as being apart of the commentary team.

Gavins next Pro Tour event will be the Platinum Pro Tour in Gold Coast, Australia early July.

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