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ETTU Women’s Coaching Seminar 7th – 9th May 2017

ETTU Women’s Coaching Seminar 7th – 9th May 2017

Report by Senga Thomson

The conference was organised by Nevin Cegner and ETTU deputy president Ivan Goran Munivrana and delivered by Li Jiao and Elena Timina both coaching presently in the Nederlands. Elena originally from Russia and Jiao originally from China.

The opening seminar was presented by Li Jiao and discussed the intricate details and importance of the service return and the many coaching points required to make a winning point. Coaching points included position, rotation, touch, areas of the bat that should be used. Further discussion was around the intelligence required to anticipate and predict an opponents serve and the techniques required to make a good return and winning point and also the change of the ball to the new plastic ball and how this heavily influences a players style of play.

The seminar continued on the first evening with a presentation from Elena Timina on the defensive player and the tools required to be a good defensive player. Discussion followed on how to select a defensive player although the modern game may prefer a player is more all round – 60% defensive 40% attacking. The selection of the correct tools for the defensive player is immense and influences the players final style of play.
A defensive player must be selected on physical and mental attributes  such as mental strength, physical build, environment e.g playing further away from the table and intelligence regarding tactical anticipation of opponents.
1.How to select a defender
2.How to train a defender
3.How to choose the right equipment for a defender
4.Challenges in the modern day for a defender
5.Long term goals for a defender

Day 2 continued with Li Jiao doing practical activities to demonstrate the many coaching points discussed the evening before and coaches participating in the session to try out skills under Li Jiao’s guidance.

Elena Timina also delivered detailed demonstrations of the defensive shots and why and when the defensive player would use them and the movement required to successfully deliver these shots.

The seminar then progressed onto how to play against defence and the serves, service returns and following rallies in order to win the points.

Jiao and Elena demonstrated many training exercises relevant to the coaching points both player against player focuses and also multi ball exercises. All coaches were encouraged to take part in theses activities and question where possible.

The third day was a question and answer session with all coaches having their questions ready and Jiao and Elena giving detailed answers to all questions
All in all the conference was a great success and the presentations are available on the ETTU web site under development.