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Table Tennis Scotland Coaches Conference 16-18th June, supported by ETTU

The conference was attended by 35 coaches from all areas of Scotland plus Ireland, Wales, England and Fiji.

This was our first visit to the newly refurbished building at Largs which provided excellent accommodation and facilities.

The programme involved lectures covering talent identification and what makes a world class player.

Michel Gadal from France who had coached Jean-Phillippe Gatien a world champion and Olympic medal holder, provided the coaches with his vast experience and thought provoking questions.

Fitted into these worthwhile lectures were practical on table sessions run by Jing Yi , former professional Chinese lady player, who now lives and coaches in Ireland. She was assisted by a world class Chinese player He Bai (Slovakian no 1) who provided exciting demonstrations on footwork, drives, serves and returns.

Stephen Gertsen, newly appointed National Youth Squad Coach led a residential training camp with 18 squad players at the same time as the conference. Senior international players, Gillian Edwards, Sean Docherty and Colin Dalgleish as well as special guest Rebecca Matthes from Germany provided excellent sparring throughout the weekend.

Also fitted into a hectic programme Terry McLernon MBE, ran an interesting and enjoyable inclusive session, where the coaches competed in wheelchair table tennis and were given an outline about Scottish Disability table tennis.

A tutor workshop was held for level 2 coaches to help them understand the administration, advertising and running of Introduction and Teachers courses.20 coaches attended and 2 to 3 will be awarded tutor status for each region.

There was an evaluation form included in the coaches’ packs and below is the summary of the returned forms.


  • The mixture of practical and theory.
  • Michel Gadal’s experience.
  • Disability session.
  • Mixing with other coaches.
  • Residential Conference.


  • Theory over running and not matching practical.
  • Lack of technical notes and more advanced techniques.
  • Acoustics in hall and colour of tables.
  • Food portions


  • A common theme, throughout.
  • Community sessions which look at aspects such as-development, fundraising, advertising, etc.
  • Have different coaching session for experienced and recreational coaches. Possibly involving youth squad.



Thanks to ETTU for funding, TTS office for organisation, and of course the contributors to the sessions.

TTS are extremely pleased with the response and feedback and hopefully will look at your suggestions for a future workshop/conference.

Paul Rawlings-Jackson, Director of Coaching.